libertalia legend

Pirate Map Sainte Marie Island Madagascar

Carte pirate Madagascar


The first company of the Eastern Indies annexed Madagascar and established its trading posts in the south and the East of the island. Less than twenty years later, when the French colonists controlled the malagasy on the neighbouring islands of Mauritius and Réunion, two infamous characters, Olivier Misson and Angelo Caraccioli, became pirates, of the crew of the Victoire .. Ahead of their time, these men, that only the sea makes free, planned to rewrite, on land, the laws of their company. Freeing itself from tyranny and slavery, they secretly choose the superb bay of Diego Suarez, in the North of Madagascar.
Populated by beautiful people of many different races it would be for a short time , the stronghold of a humanistic republic founded on principles of equality.


Creation of the republic: Its name was Libertalia.

It was destroyed too early, in 1697, nourishing forever the legends of adventure and the oneiric voyage. It will register its history in the accounts of Johnson, Daniel Defoe and Daniel Vaxelaire.

For a bit of further reading:

  • “Libertalia ou le pirate de dieu”, Thomas NARCEJAC
  • “les mutins de la liberté”, Daniel VAXELAIRE
  • And also: “les naufragés de Tromelin” , Irene FRAIN, historical novel