Hotel Bungalow Libertalia FR | EN Madagascar
Hotel with bungalows hidden in nature, facing the sea

Hotel Sainte-Marie
+ In Madagascar, the Sainte Marie island, separated from the big isle by a narrow canal, remains a small green paradise still spared by mass tourism. + Sheltered from the dominating east-southeast winds and easily spotted by way of its rock, an old whale observatory, the Libertalia Hotel is a charming edifice, homey and with an excellent price-quality ratio. It is the ideal starting point for many trips discovering the island. + During the whale season, the hotel organizes whale watching trips, in collaboration with the Cétamada organization, two founding members of which, Martine and Didier, are the hotel owners.
Easily accessible, the hotel lies 8 km north of the airport and 1,5 km south of Ambodifotatra.

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